Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missing in Action

We're here. We're fine! Thank you all of our friends who have written to check on us.

We've been very busy but NOT with doctors or hospitals. Jack's next expected tests include a MRI and a sleep study. We don't have them scheduled yet. The sleep study will most likely be done here at our local children's hospital. We may have the MRI here as well. We are continuing to avoid the midface surgery as long as possible.

So just what have we been doing? What can I tell ya'? We've been living!

Jack has been home schooled since late October 2010. He has been blossoming! He learns very quickly when he follows his interests. He is not receiving a "typical education" by any stretch of the imagination. We love being able to allow Jack the freedom to learn without trying to stuff him into a mold into which he does not fit.

Jack has become much more social over the last year. He is now the "park mom and grandparents pick up guy". He loves all the moms he meets at the parks especially if they have any bare skin showing. He walks right up them and says, "Heyyyyy", Then he grabs their hand and instructs, "Sit down." Most of the time the moms find him adorable and before I know it he is sitting in the lap of someone else's mom ever so gently rubbing her bare arm or leg. If he sees a set of grandparents, he plops down between them and begins instructing "scoot to closer" until they understand and scoot right next to him so he is wedged into grandparent love.
His vocabulary grows daily. Fortunately, his articulation is improving quickly as well. To add an extra level of challenge for David and I, Jack has begun learning foreign languages from videos that he watches. So now we try to figure out what language he is speaking and what he is saying. Good thing I studied Latin, French, some Spanish, and some Korean in addition to Jack-ese or I don't know how I'd figure it all out.

I'll try to update a bit more frequently...


Penny said...

Thanks for the update! I love hearing about Jack's progress, Mom!

Marie said...

Thanks Penny! I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging and connecting again.