Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perserverance and Waiting on My World to Change

Our sweet neighbour has been traveling a lot and has not really spent any time with Jack since much earlier this year. Halloween night she could not get over how much better Jack is doing. It really made me think about the year he has had. 2008 has been quite a year for Jack. Four brain surgeries by the end of February! Hospitalized over Easter weekend for another shunt scare. Graduation from Early Intervention and The Bell Center. Diagnosed with optic nerve atrophy and discovering that he has little to no vision in his left eye (no surprise to him but it was upsetting to the rest of us). Starting preschool. He's growing. He's developing. He's such an amazing person. He continues to perservere through it all. Somehow I manage to get caught up in the "when will he do ___ (fill in the blank)? Oh no it seems everyone else can already ___ (fill in the blank)!" Thank God for other people to remind me what he's been through and how far he's come. He develops daily and I've got t!
o stop pl
aying the waiting game and try to enjoy where he is right now because it will all come soon enough. That's my prayer.