Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off to School

It's the first day of big school! Jack is in a great mood despite having to be woken up this morning. He has been showing off verbally this morning too. baby....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing What You Love

So I decided to take a few minutes a couple of hours ago to post a few pictures since I am so far behind on posting and I keep hearing, "What's going on? Is everything okay? You haven't posted anything on the blog in a long time." I started going through my pictures and picking some good ones and the more I looked through them and got them ready for posting, the more my mood improved! We have been very busy and blogging is one of my activities that has fallen by the wayside. Well, call me a dork, but I realized today that I really really enjoying blogging. I have missed this so much and I did not even realize it!
It's been a busy summer. It's hard to believe but it's time for school to start soon. Jack begins preschool this Thursday. We've met his new teacher and she seems like a good fit for him. I'll keep you posted on school!
Now back to the pictures....
We took Jack to the toy store on his birthday to see if there was anything he really particularly wanted. He almost never asks for anything so we were not really sure he really wanted anything until he laid eyes on this car....
It's actually meant for a younger child to be pushed by a parent but Jack got right in and started pushing himself around and did not want to leave. Like I said, he hardly ever asks for anything so the car came home with us.
Jack loves water....

He usually catches up on his reading before going to sleep....

Who couldn't love this guy?

Sidney has moved nearby so you will be seeing more pictures of him I'm sure.

We finally took a family vacation. Nobody worked. Nobody saw a doctor. Nobody was recovering from surgery. We all just relaxed but first we had to drive there....

Where else would we go but to see Bill and Lucy at the beach?

Lucky for us, Rob, Bobbie, McCahill, Jeanie, Bob and Ruby were all able to come down to the beach, too. Rob brought his big tent and nobody got sunburned playing on the beach!
Here's a great picture of Rob and Jeanie and McCahill on the beach.

Here's Bobbie looking fabulous in her beach cover-up.

It's scuba McCahill in the pool.

Supermodel Jeanie

Here's Jack on our first full beach day enjoying his lunch after a dip in the ocean.
That first day we were a little more cautious.....

We stayed safe but got a little bold when the ocean was calm...
But the seas got a little rough sometimes...
Sweet McCahill rode to dinner with us and kept Jack company.

Syndactyly release....hundreds of thousands of dollars
Five fingers in the sand....priceless

Last but not least...sometimes I look at Jack and I think, "He's HUGE!" How's this for a little perspective?

Sand and Water on a Grand Scale