Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Party Pictures

I had a request for MORE party pictures. It was hard to capture all the stuff there was to do. The swings, the pools, the slides, the bouncy house, the play house, the water table, and all the other fun backyard toys.

Sidney, Michael, and Jack going into cookie coma while Nana enjoys her hamburger.

I should have gotten all the kids together in the big pool. That would have been a great shot! Here's an idea of how many kids we had. There were more that you cannot see in this picture, though.

Rocking horse. I almost forgot to mention the rocking horse.

Everyone enjoyed some bubble fun.

Kyle took pictures on his camera too and has promised copies so there will probably be even more party pictures to come!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you, Kyle!

Oh my goodness, I realized that I forgot to thank our party photographer. Thank you, Kyle, for running around after kids with two cameras draped around your neck and getting some fabulous pictures and even some great video. You're the best!

4th Birthday Party

We woke up that morning and looked out the window apprehensively. We were not sure that the weather was going to hold out for our outdoor party. Jack and I prayed for good weather with our bedtime prayers the night before. The day started out gray. But, as you can see, it perked up in time for the cuties to get in the pool!
This is Jack's niece, Elise who is almost exactly 6 months older than he is [yeah, we're one of those families :)]. We had the wading pools that were not so deep and the bigger lounge pool. The lounge pool was not very deep for Jack's cousin, McCahill, but it was just right for the smaller cousins.
Look at that beautiful blue sky. Thank you, Lord (and I mean that quite literally).
There was fun for everyone even the littlest of our party guests.
Bounce, bounce, bounce. Michael said the bouncy castle was a little hard to bounce in but it was still fun.
Ta da...this year's grill master, Dave! It was awesome that David was actually able to be at Jack's party this year. Last year, he was terribly bummed because he had to work.
Fun fun fun fun for everyone......
Boys will be boys....there was a bit roughhousing in the pools but nobody got hurt and everybody enjoyed themselves.

A cookie and a kiss....what more does a boy need? Brock was having fun!
The Happy Family.....
Two cuties with cookie face
"What? How did the papparazzi find out I was here?"
Our yard was turned into a soupy mess.....

Still, there was more fun to be had with bubbles! [Thank you, Aunt Lisa]
and squirt guns!

The last holdout in the pool. There was a big crack of thunder and we made everybody get out. Jack stayed in as long as he possibly could. Look how nasty that water got by the end of the party. Ewwwww!
It was an awesome party. The weather held up right until the end of the party.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Cookie

There will be more pictures later. We had a fabulous party. Here's the invitation (minus a few details) Jack and I and one other party guest can not have dairy. I usually order a vegan cake that Jack only takes a couple of bites of. This year, I decided to make something that I knew he would love....a giant cookie

It was my first ever giant cookie and the first cake that I ever decorated. I thought that it turned out really well.
Jack loved it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Visiting with Elise's Grandma Sue at Patrick's New House

Jack's big brother, Patrick, bought a new house. Then his mother-in-law came down form up north to visit. So we decided to go visit too. We did not take a whole lot of pictures. We must have been busy visiting. :) Doesn't she just keep getting cuter?

Truck Touch

Oh I almost forgot about the "Truck Touch". A local church got a bunch of big trucks together. The kids were allowed to climb all over them and touch them, honks the horns, run the lights and sirens...everything.

Jack was not too sure about the tractor. He loved the ambulance. I told him that this was the only way that I ever wanted to see him in the back of one of these things.

Of course, he had to get in a little tree love. :)

Preschool Graduation and End of Year Party

No, Jack did not graduate this year but a lot of the kids in his class did. It's a 3 and 4 year old pre-k. A lot of the kids in Jack's class turned 5 this year. I think he may have been the youngest child in his class this year. All the kids performed in the ceremony. The music teacher put together the best preschool program I have ever seen. All the children remained actively engaged because she had them sing, talk, and play musical instruments. I'll bet if the stage had been bigger, she would have had them dance too.

Even Jack had a speaking role. Look at all his classmates' faces as they watch him get ready to take the microphone.

Here's a wanted poster we spotted in the school hallway. I caught the kid and boy am I having fun!
David circled the evidence! Jack spontaneously picked up a piece of chalk and drew on the sidewalk during the party.

Parachute fun!

Piggyback with Daddy! See David gets in on the fun, too.

One last dance with "Nae Nae".

A great ending to a great graduation and party--HAMBURGERS.

1st Pool Day of the Year

It got hot a few weeks ago so I blew up the small three ring pool from last year and dragged out our Elmo sprinkler mat.

Here's Jack checking it out. Taking a closer look....
All in!

Contemplating the wonders of the universe and the amazingness that is his Mama....

Naaaaaaaahhh... :)