Sunday, November 4, 2012

Please Pray

We have so many little friends dealing with very serious things and they all need prayers. It seems a bit selfish to be asking for prayers for ourselves too.

Jack has a mildly elevated temperature today and has been pretty irritable. There are no other definitive symptoms right now. The irritation can easily be explained by the lack of deep sleep for the past ten days as well as recovering from major surgery.

The mildly elevated temperature could be just because he had surgery but 10 days out we should be past that period.

As selfish as I feel asking for your prayers, I know that our God is big enough to meet the serious needs of our friends as well as deal with the anxiety we have going here.

I'm praying for guidance, wisdom, and peace.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Overdue Update

We've been oh so tired since we've been home. Jack has had difficulty sleeping since we got home. Some of it has probably been the usual post-anesthesia sleeping difficulty that we've experienced before and gone a blessed two almost three years without. Also, Jack is not breathing well without his Bipap. We've tried having him sleep on an elevated surface and tried making him sleep on his stomach. None of those things have made much of a difference. The only thing that has made much of a difference is putting him on humidified oxygen. He still obstructs. He still wakes up from the obstruction. He still isn't getting deep sleep. However, his oxygen saturation isn't dropping as low. We have 10 more days before we can begin using the Bipap again. We're over halfway there. God has brought us this far. We have to rely on him to keep us going.

Jack's swelling has reduced dramatically. Overall he seems to feel pretty good. He fatigues a lot more easily than usual and from time to time he complains that his head hurts. The fatigue may be because he's recovering from major surgery. It may be his lack of deep sleep. It might be because he still building up his blood count from the loss during surgery. He's still pretty pale and we're giving him iron to help with that. His head hurting could be all of those and the shunt malfunction.

Dr. Swift has asked to return to Dallas Friday so he can "tap" Jack's shunt and measure the pressure. We'll know if we're continuing to monitor or setting up a next surgery after the appointment Friday.

David and I are both managing to get some sleep again. Today, Jack and I actually were able to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It was great!

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