Monday, March 30, 2009

Under the Chair

I'll do another post about this weekend's Beeping Easter Egg Hunt when I have a bit more time but I had to share my favorite pictures from the event. Thank you, Weslie, for hanging out with us and being our photographer! Your pictures are awesome and we had a great time!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky and Charming and Cute too!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Jack is wearin' the green-he's got his Lucky and Charming t-shirt on. Really, have you ever seen a cuter Irishman? He truly is Irish by the way. Just ask his Grandma!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack's First Real Snow

This is the first time that it has really truly snowed here since Jack was born. Well, actually, I think it snowed one other time but we were in Dallas so we did not see it. When I saw the snow this morning, I jumped at the chance to take Jack out in it. I hyped it up with "It's snowing, it's snowing!" and "Oh boy, SNOW!"
Here's Jack taking his first look from the comfort of the warm doorway. He would not even go out on the deck without his trusty tricycle. :)
After riding around the deck awhile, I convinced him to go out to the front yard.

He promptly headed to the back yard because he wanted to swing.

Can you see the disappointment? The porch swing was covered in snow and cold and wet. I would not let him get on it for fear that he would soon be wet and freezing too. I cleaned off his swing set seat but he only stayed for a minute or two and then wanted to head back inside. No pictures of Jack making snow angels this year!

But hey! What do you expect from a kid who loves the sand, sun, and water just like his Mama and Daddy?

Jack's Favorite Things at the Park

Here's Jack signing swing next to the swing set.....
But nothing beats a Mama swing..... "Dun ool" It's a tunnel! And a tunnel slide...


We've got snow! No big deal to our Northern neighbors, I know. But down here, it means there's not a lick of bread or milk left at the grocery stores. :) I did not realize that this stuff was really gonna stay so we've been out in it already. Jack is not a big fan. He does not like cold stuff. I'll post pics later of our morning romp in the snow. For now, we're in where it's warm.