Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good News So Far

Things are looking great so far. Jack did very well with yesterday's very long day of appointments. He is such a trooper. He was in a great mood all day and did not even fuss when Dr. Mandijano looked in his ears and listened to his breath sounds. Dr. An, gastroenterologist, said that Jack's endoscopy showed healthy tissue and a normal esophageal sphincter. He took some biopsies of the tissue to see if maybe we could find a cause for the reflux. In the meantime, we will continue Prevacid and every three months, we will try to stop it and see if Jack is any better. Dr. Mandijano gave us some tips on getting Jack used to the CPAP and Jack did much much much better last night. We turned the pressure down a lot lower. I am not sure he really needs his pressure so high. Dr. Price reviewed Jack's CT scans and she was happy with the way his subdural fluid is draining. This morning, Dr. Hung was happy with Jack's recovery from the tonsillectomy. He gave us a recipe to clean out some wax from Jack's right ear tube.We will see Dr. Fearon this afternoon and talk about what our next step will be. I'll keep you posted.

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