Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What do little boys do before sedated CT scans?

As you can see, Jack was completely stressed out before his CT scan last Tuesday. Yeah, right! He just drove this little car around the pediatric day surgery area. If you check out our buddy Sid's pics, you will see that he drove the same little car while waiting to go for his surgery. Until I actually had a little boy of my own you could not have made me believe that there is just a fundamental difference between boys and girls. I would have assumed boys are just encouraged to be "boyish" and girls "girly". I was.....wait for it.....wait some more.......I was wrong. Jack is ALL boy and it has nothing to do with how we've nurtured him. There is just something different about boys and girls. And you know what? That's okay. :)

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Sidney Peterson said...

Ya Jack, that car rocks. I left a 'surprise' under the right door handle, did you find it ? ;)

Keep on rockin out man -

Sid :)