Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack's First Real Snow

This is the first time that it has really truly snowed here since Jack was born. Well, actually, I think it snowed one other time but we were in Dallas so we did not see it. When I saw the snow this morning, I jumped at the chance to take Jack out in it. I hyped it up with "It's snowing, it's snowing!" and "Oh boy, SNOW!"
Here's Jack taking his first look from the comfort of the warm doorway. He would not even go out on the deck without his trusty tricycle. :)
After riding around the deck awhile, I convinced him to go out to the front yard.

He promptly headed to the back yard because he wanted to swing.

Can you see the disappointment? The porch swing was covered in snow and cold and wet. I would not let him get on it for fear that he would soon be wet and freezing too. I cleaned off his swing set seat but he only stayed for a minute or two and then wanted to head back inside. No pictures of Jack making snow angels this year!

But hey! What do you expect from a kid who loves the sand, sun, and water just like his Mama and Daddy?


Nowheymama said...

I *can* see the disappointment! I know those hunched shoulders all too well.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi...My mom & I met ya'll a couple of years ago in Dr. Fearon's office. We were at a follow-up for my son's surgery. I know ya'll have had endless appts. there & I would not expect you to remember. Ya'll had given us Jack's blog. I check in from time to time to see how he is. I have not been on in quite a while. I can't believe how big he is. I can see how much progress he has made. I don't believe he could walk then. He seems so big out playing in the snow. I know ya'll are so proud of him. He is absolutely precious. I just wanted to say hello & say what awesome parents ya'll are & what a wonderful little boy you have!


Marie said...

Thanks for following us. We are very lucky to know such an awesome little [VERY BIG] guy!
Are y'all from Oklahoma?

Isaiah'sMom said...

Snow would be so much more fun if it weren't so cold and wet, wouldn't it?