Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm shrinking!

I've been asked recently if I'm losing weight. I did not really think so until I started looking back at some old pictures. The thing is though...I'm not just getting smaller around, I'm also shrinking lengthwise. Look at these pictures.

Here I am shortly after Jack's birth. This was taken in June of 2005. A year later in 2006 you can definitely tell that I've lost some weight.

Here I am in 2007. I think this is where the loss of height really starts to become evident.

A year later (2008) I appear to be wearing the same outfit (really and it's not even one of my favorites) and I'm definitely shorter than the year before.

Now, look at this! The height loss is rapidly increasing. Here I am enjoying a little computer time before my little guy heads off to bed. Jack barely fits in my lap anymore since I'm shrinking. If he was sitting up, you would not even be able to see my face!

Do you see how I am shrinking? I may just call the doctor in the morning.

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