Sunday, November 4, 2012

Please Pray

We have so many little friends dealing with very serious things and they all need prayers. It seems a bit selfish to be asking for prayers for ourselves too.

Jack has a mildly elevated temperature today and has been pretty irritable. There are no other definitive symptoms right now. The irritation can easily be explained by the lack of deep sleep for the past ten days as well as recovering from major surgery.

The mildly elevated temperature could be just because he had surgery but 10 days out we should be past that period.

As selfish as I feel asking for your prayers, I know that our God is big enough to meet the serious needs of our friends as well as deal with the anxiety we have going here.

I'm praying for guidance, wisdom, and peace.

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Penny said...

Praying right now for guidance, wisdom, and peace for Jack's sweet mama. Sending cyber hugs across the miles.

T. Hughes said...

Hello my name is Teonia Hughes

I was searching something on the web and came across your blog.

I wanted to know if you can email me at

I believe that your son and my godson have the same medical conditions. I just wanted to ask some questions so that maybe I can be of more support for my best friend.

I see you have not posted since November 4.

I pray all is week with Jack and will continue to pray for you family.