Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st Day to Return to "School"

Today was Jack's first day back at The Bell Center since having to leave the summer program early for his ventriculostomy back in July. We call it school and we were excited and nervous because this year Jack will be going two hours a day four days a week and it's more like school because Mommy and Daddy don't go to class with Jack. The folks at The Bell Center are wise enough to realize that both the kids and the volunteer staffers don't need to dive in all at once and the first four classes are only 1 hour long. We have been telling Jack that he would be going back to school and we were getting him excited about it.
Jack did great when we arrived. I had already prepped the staff when we went in at the end of August to get measured for his chair and trike. They knew not to hover over him immediately or all shout out "Jack" as he entered the room. We arrived a few minutes early so Jack could make himself comfortable in the classroom. I walked him and let him start playing and then told him that Mommy was leaving and I would be back later and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Everything was fine! His helper went over to him and they played for a bit.
BUT the minute circle time started, the tears started and Jack just could not be consoled. I waited for five long heart wrenching minutes before going back in. There was just no recovering and he did not seem to enjoy any of "school" except when he was allowed to wander and do as he wanted.
He did go pee pee on the potty at school so that was great.
This will get better, right?

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Cole's mom said...

It is so hard to leave these little guys. Cole cried too. Cole goes to a school that is for developmentally delayed children. The Early Intervention program in our school district. He is a few months behind development wise. No sure if he will need any help by 3 yrs old.
I can't wait to see how far Jack and Cole come in the next few months.
Hugs from your friends in California!