Saturday, September 8, 2007

Busy Day with Friends

Today we got to meet Sidney. He traveled in from out of state just to visit Jack. Well, he did mention something about his uncle who lives here having a birthday but I think we all know that he really just wanted to get together with Jack. I was only able to snap a few shots of the busy boys. I am hoping to see some better pics pop up on Sidney's page since his daddy, Kyle, took a bunch of pictures, too. Hmmm...what's Jack doing? Let's see it's spin, spin, spin....
That looks fun. Let's play together. Hey, Jack made this look easy. I can do it.
Another Maestro!
Look how great he is with his hands!!!
Sid and Jack rolled a ball to each other. I hope Kyle got a good shot with both of them.
Sidney was pooped! He's just one year old. Big two year old Jack played on...

After Jack got a nap, we headed out to Isabella's 1 year old birthday party. We were late because Mommy sort of got the directions turned around but we were still able to visit for a bit.
The Birthday Girl--what a cutie! Notice the toothbrush? This kid's got great oral hygiene.
Chivalrous Jack pushed the girls in the wagon.
Jack made a new friend at the party. She's a big three year old but she was very nice to Jack and played with him.

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Shan & Chris Moore said...

Marie, I love all the pics. Jack is getting so big. Where is the other family from?