Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great Day at School!

Today Jack had a great day at school. He was a bit squirmy during circle time. Ms. Carolyn said that he teared up a little but never really cried. (His left eye has been running a good bit and I have never in the two plus years that I've known him seen Jack cry silently so I am thinking maybe she was talking about his runny eye and not meaning that he cried). Ms. Carolyn said that Jack signed, "More cookies please." several times during snack time. I'll clarify tomorrow whether that was with or without her assistance. I know he knows each of those signs and does them consistently. We've been working on putting sentences together so it would be supercool if he actually signed it all independently today.
Jack has really been doing a lot more babbling since Sid's visit over the weekend. Now he even varies his pitch and tone as if really trying to tell us something. It's great!
Last night, on advice from Sid's Mommy (and under the guidance of our family doctor), we started Jack on Singulair to treat any allergic component of his congestion. We may be too hopeful but we think we already see a difference. We plan to slowly wean some of the other medications as we see how well Jack reponds to Singulair.
That's all for now! Keep checking in to hear more news about the little prince!

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