Sunday, September 16, 2007


Jack finished out the school week on a good note. Ms. Carolyn did confirm that Jack independently signed "More cookies please." He has really been using please a lot lately. It is such a cute sight to see a child spontaneously sign "Please" when he wants something. Jack is very entertained by his signing abilities lately and has been willing to show off a little bit. Maybe he just knows that it gives Mommy such great joy. He has been babbling quite a bit more too.

We have had a busy weekend. No, no pictures, was great! We went to Homecoming at my old church but Jack was really tired and did not enjoy that. We did get to go visit Oma and Uncle Noah and Gran Beverly. That was awesome. Man I wish I'd taken pictures....Oma got to spoil Jack with Oreos. They both enjoyed that tremendously.

Well I gotta go get some sleep. There was something else that I was going to post but my sleepy brain can't remember what. Good night everyone!

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