Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bike pedal holder on'ers


Anonymous said...

Very, Very stylish. Tobi would aboslutely be crazy about that tric with the "Thomas the Tank Engine pedals"!! I just cant get over how great he looks! God is truely a great and mighty God!!

Jeremiah 29:11

Mika Shelfer

Marie said...

He is a mighty and faithful God! We have truly been blessed.

MommaDD said...

I would like to reach out and hug this little child of God.

Unknown said...


What a GREAT idea!! I may try that with my son's bikes with training wheels, it seems he has a hard time getting his feet to stay on the peddles, "Genius Idea!"

Michelle (Alex's Mom) from both the NLT and the CP sites. Always enjoy hearing about Jack! ;-)

Marie said...

We can't take credit. Our physical therapist gave us the idea. :)
Since then we've been able to take them off. I think it helps them get the idea and eventually they want to do it on their own. This is a whole lot cheaper than the expensive clips you can buy!!!