Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mixed Bag of Pics

Helping Mama cook. Those are PJs I'm wearing in that pic and they are very baggy and not figure flattering at all--so ignore me and focus on the adorableness of Jack!
Birthday girl enjoying her birthday cake.
Her parents call her Brookealicious. Cute, isn't she?
Craziness and pandemonium on the trampoline!
Brothers. Brothers with a huge height difference that makes it difficult to get a picture when the littler one decides to sit down.
Cute Anja getting waiting on some food.
My little niece who shares my birthday.
We were wearing matching PJs but somebody did not want to wear his shirt and that somebody's Daddy did not get our pants in the picture. :)
Deborah aka dun dun--that's tunnel in Jackspeak. She's got these long legs that she just props up and voila, tunnel for Jack. Boy was he mad when he tried to get me to duplicate Deborah's tunnel.
Watching some football together.
McCahill loves his go-cart.
Jeanie loves the camera.
Jack loves his cookies. Thanks, Michi, Pop, and GranJoy!
Way up high learning about science.
The science of playing the piano.
I thought this one looked like he was at the big wheel on The Price is Right. What you can't see is me standing to the side saying, "Come on $1."

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