Monday, April 20, 2009

Day Out with Thomas

The last several weeks have been filled with activity. Thomas the Train came to a nearby railroad museum a couple of weeks ago.
Here's Jack on the train. The whole group--Anne, Noah, Dad, Sidney, Christie, Jack, Kyle, Rod, and Sylvia (Rod and Sylvia are Kyle's mom and dad).
They told us to keep our hands and arms inside the windows. Jack tried to climb out! Here's a picture of us enjoying the passing scenery.

They had a moonwalk. Jack got in it all by himself!!!! He had a blast.

Noah enjoyed himself too.

I don't know why Jack ran after the pizzas. He can't eat dairy! Maybe he remembers what it tasted like before we discovered the allergy.

Noah is great for helping to watch our little runner.

Noah and Thomas :)

Here's Jack getting in a little reading on our way to (where else?) McDonald's after the train exhibit.

Thanks, Gang. We had a great time.


Mika said...

so you're not the only one who as a little guy who could live on Mcdonald's every day!!!

Isaiah'sMom said...

What a fun day!