Friday, April 3, 2009

Scarred up gettin' some Blue Speech Therapy

Jack tripped over a friend's feet as he entered his classroom this morning. He scraped up his chin and bloodied his nose! I felt terrible!
This afternoon we had to do a bunch of car errands so we decided to treat Jack to an icee. Have you ever tried to suck an icee through a thin crazy straw? You work for it!!! We figured it was speech therapy. :-D


Isaiah'sMom said...

Awww, poor guy! I like the way you think though, that certainly qualifies as ST :)

BK said...

He looks to have recovered enough to enjoy the icee! We look forward to meeting you in a couple weeks. FYI, I hope it's alright, but I added y'all to our blogroll on Isaiah's blog.