Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Party Pictures

I had a request for MORE party pictures. It was hard to capture all the stuff there was to do. The swings, the pools, the slides, the bouncy house, the play house, the water table, and all the other fun backyard toys.

Sidney, Michael, and Jack going into cookie coma while Nana enjoys her hamburger.

I should have gotten all the kids together in the big pool. That would have been a great shot! Here's an idea of how many kids we had. There were more that you cannot see in this picture, though.

Rocking horse. I almost forgot to mention the rocking horse.

Everyone enjoyed some bubble fun.

Kyle took pictures on his camera too and has promised copies so there will probably be even more party pictures to come!


Holly said...

I guess these pics must have been taken after Elise and I left. Was a very nice party. Thanks for having us.

Marie said...

I thought y'all stayed until the end of the party. It sure was alot of fun. I'm glad y'all had fun. I think everybody had a great time. We are considering making Jack's birthday in our backyard our annual Memorial Day tradition.