Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hmmm....Oops! I just checked the ingredients. Cracker Jack has no dairy anyway. Guess it was Crunch n' Munch he couldn't have. Ooops!
Ever not let your kid have/do something 'cause you thought it was not good for him/her only to realize later that it would have been fine? Feel free to comment here and make me feel better. :)

Marie-more about Jack-
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Rachel said...

LOL - Totally!! But luckily, my Mom pushed most of the rules for me, and showed me that they weren't so bad after all.

For instance, you know how babies can't have a LOT of things now due to potential allergies? Well, my Mom gave Ali Peanut butter at 6 months old. She had no idea it was a no-no. So I figured, "I guess Ali's not allergic to Peanut Butter!" and just started giving it to her.

Oh - and if you want to feel REALLY good about yourself - shhh this one's a secret - when Ali was a baby, we used to let Ali use a Benadryl bottle as a rattle in our bedroom while we were getting ready. Child proof capped, under close supervision - only in the most dire-we-need-to-entertain our child moments - but one time, the cap came off. And in the split second that it took us to realize it, she had apparently popped one. I gagged her immediately and she threw up pink, but we still took her to the children's ER and spend an uneventful evening while they "observed" her.

To make it worse, it happened to be Thanksgiving night. So we missed the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with my family.

Nice, huh? Guess what she was never allowed to play with again?

Marie said...

Thanks, Rachel! Now I do feel better! LOL!