Monday, January 18, 2010

Mini Me

*We've all been a bit under the weather here sorry for the lack of posts lately.*

As I was looking through some old pictures I realized that I have a mini me...yeah, I know everybody thinks he looks just like his Daddy but he really is MY mini me.

I present to you the evidence:

He's a multi-tasker

He loves to nap on the beach.

He's a messy eater

but he cleans up as well as he can.

He may not understand all the ins and outs of Alabama football but he's a fan.

See? Mini Me!

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mommytoalot said...

LOL..too cute. what a sweet little mini me he makes.

The Blonde Duck said...

I bet he was thrilled when they beat UT. :)

j said...

He is a Mini You! Cute cute cute post.

Sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope you all are better soon.

Maria - Ira's mum said...

He is so adorable.. go the multi-tasking Jack!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I love when little guys attempt to clean their own faces. Does he try to help you with yours yet?

Rachel said...

Too cute! It's always good to figure out the sames and differents - and you're right - he IS like you! :)

sheila said...

Okay, the football one? Hysterical. Such a cute little guy!

Isaiah'sMom said...

Hehehe, how cute!

Matt5verse6 said...

Very cute. Hope you guys are having a beautiful day.

Childlife said...

Oh, my word! So cute -- LOL! Just stopped by to see what little Mr. Jack has been up to lately. Love the nappin' on the beach photo -- that's what I would like to be doing this week! :D

~Michelle @ 5MFSN