Sunday, May 30, 2010

Speech for Socialization!

Jack is becoming more and more social! Yesterday, at Wal-Mart, he ran up to a little kid (probably 3 or 4 years old) and did just as they taught him at school. He tapped the boy on the arm, then stood in front of him and said, "Hi!" And then Jack instructed the little boy, "Say hi!" The boy kept giggling and Jack instructed again, "Say hi!" LOL!

And Jack is making observations. He is talking just to socialize NOT just to get his needs or wants met!!! Last night, he told me he could hear our cats downstairs and then talked about the things we did that day!

This is HUGE!!! Of course it was all in "Jack-ese" but it's the start of something wonderful. I firmly believe that his social development is THE KEY to future success. When he interacts with people, they will realize he is intelligent and quite capable of learning and doing anything.

AND the more he interacts with people the more he learns! I'm so excited about these new developments!!! I just had to share. Hope u all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Ours is awesome so far!

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Staying Afloat said...

I remember when this first happened with E., and the excitement it brings. Now, four years later, he speaks often and just because.

Enjoy, and let there be many more firsts like this in your lives!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

I'm visiting some "Alabama Bloggers" today - glad I found you! Jack looks and sounds like a ball of fun!!

Michelle said...

those are some great developments! Yay Jack!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

That is SO exciting! I'm so glad for you and for Jack.

Nicki said...

Awwww, that's TOO CUTE!!! I'm so happy for y'all! :D