Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tests Done!

Jack has made us very proud this morning. He handled the vital signs like a champ. He got nervous just before being sedated for the MRI but when it was time, he kicked off his shoes, hopped up on the table, and took nice deep breaths from the mask just like we talked about.

We were a bit surprised that Dr. Davis, the anesthesiologist, decided to actually intubate (put a breathing tube in) Jack this morning. We like having all diagnostic procedures done at Medical City because Dr. Davis usually doesn't intubate. But Dr. Davis thought it was safer for transport from the MRI suite to the GI lab and thankfully Jack quickly recovered. He did not even need his Bipap after his procedures.

Jack's a bit woozy but he's up and around again.

We'll get Dr. Price's (neurosurgeon) impression of the MRI this afternoon. Dr. An said that the endoscopy looked good. He has sent off tissue biopsies and will call us later this week with results.

ENT appointment is next.


Matt5verse6 said...

Awww. Great job, Jack! :) Praise God all went well.

mommytoalot said...

Happy to hear it all went well.