Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watering the plants

Jack is definitely not a pen and paper kid. He is a hands on learner. Whether his learning style has anything to do with his vision (or lack thereof) I don't know but hands on just works for him. Lucky for us, our family and work situations work out very well for allowing Jack to homeschool. Nearly every moment of our days is "school" in one form or another. Take a simple task like watering the plants. There is a sequence involved. It requires following directions. It requires problem solving.
Then there's fine motor work. Jack's fingers don't bend and his hands are small with short thumbs. Turning on a water faucet is an activity he has to think about. Also, it's speech therapy, as we go over the phrase "Lefty loosy, righty tighty."
Next, how do you figure out when the watering can is full if you can't really see the depth of the water?

Finally, the plants get watered. Next time, I should probably pull the plants down off their hooks because this was really hard for him.


Penny said...

Oh, WOW, Marie, he is growing up so fast!

I love this post! I have an idea to add = to model thinking and creative problem solving, sometimes you could lift him up to the plants or bring a stool or chair for him to stand on, and sometimes you could bring the plants down to him.

Marie said...

Great ideas! Except for the lifting him up to the plants....he's 62 lbs and I'm short, lol!