Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Surgery Looming

This happy guy is due for surgery soon. Yes, the dreaded "S" word. No, not the midface advancement that we were expecting to do next. We had a plan in mind and Jack has been doing fantabulous or so we thought. We were trying to delay the midface surgery as long as possible to decrease the likelihood of a second midface surgery in later years. Dr. Fearon told us that Jack needs to have the midface surgery when either 1. Jack develops breathing issues or 2. Jack develops self esteem issues. Issue #1 is nicely handled by Jack's bipap AVAP. Issue #2 is so not an issue. Jack knows he is precious to God, his family and the other people that love and fortunately, he does not appear to be bothered by what anyone else thinks. And the truth is the midface surgery is not going to stop him from looking different.

Back to this surgery...this surgery will be a cranial vault remodeling. Jack's surgery team will cut open his skull and make room for his continued brain growth. Dr. Fearon is concerned that pressure inside Jack's skull is pushing it upward. We need to relieve the pressure before it does any damage to his brain. It's hard to believe we are even talking about this. For the most part, Jack seems fine. He is continuing to grow and develop. He does complain of pain every now and then but isolating the location is tricky with his still limited verbal expression.

He's old enough and verbal enough this time that he's heard all the hushed conversations and told us, "Let's go hospital." He doesn't seem scared or worried or nervous.

David and I, on the other hand, have been scared, worried, and nervous. At the moment, God has graciously reminded me of how he has provided so far and I feel peace.

I continue to be in prayer as October 23 grows closer.
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Alison said...

Will be praying for you all xx