Thursday, June 28, 2007

More from Yesterday

We got to meet another Mom and Dad from the Apert listserve yesterday. Their little girl had to have her great toes straightened with pins because they were growing at an awkward angle causing her problems with walking and wearing shoes. She also had some more eye muscle surgery. We did not get to talk to her because she was still knocked out from surgery but we did see her toes and she has the cutest little toes ever! Everybody says that Jack has great fingers and Dr. Fearon did such a wonderful job. I think Dr. Fearon ought to hang pictures of Jack's fingers and this little girl's toes in his office. They are wonderful testaments to his skill as a surgeon.
We were especially excited to hear from this little girl's parents that the eye muscle surgery that Jack is about to have made a BIG difference with her focusing, walking, everything. We are excited and nervous, of course. Well, I better go get ready. Thank you all again for caring enough to check in and pray and think about us.

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