Thursday, June 28, 2007

Unexpected findings

Dr. Hung's part of surgery went easily. He replaced Jack's right ear tube because it had come out. He cleaned up the left tube and left it in. He said that Jack had some thick, snot-like stuff so we will be treating with ear drops for a few days. Dr. Hung could not pass the nasal retractor so Jack's adenoids are still intact.
Dr. Stager said that Jack was missing his superior oblique muscles on both eyes. We did not quite take in the rest of the information because it all came out so fast. He weakened a muscle that apperently was pulling Jack's left eye downward.
So the unexpected news......Jack has pigmentary changes on his retina. Dr. Stager said that he does not know for sure what that means in terms of Jack's vision and we need to see a retinal specialist. He said that Jack's central vision may be fuzzy. He cannot be 100% certain that Jack did not have the retinal pigmentation at birth. I don't like not knowing what stuff means. I am a bit frustrated right now.
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