Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surgery today

Good morning! In a little over two hours, Jack's surgeries will begin. Dr. Fearon will deepen the web spaces between Jack's right great and 2nd toes and the left index and middle finger. Dr. Hung will replace Jack's ear tubes and attempt a partial adenoidectomy. Dr. Stager will perform eye muscle surgery. Our anesthesiologist is Dr. Blakely. Please be in prayer for each of these highly skilled gifted doctors today especially.
Yesterday, we had serious discussions with Drs. Mandujano, Hung, and Fearon about Jack possibly needing a tracheostomy. The consensus is that right now Jack appears to be developing well and we will try the adenoidectomy and try the new Bipap machine I had asked Dr. Lazano to order. If Jack does not do well on his next sleep study, he will need a tracheostomy. When I say, "Do well" that is defined as having no apnea or having apnea that can be managed using Bipap or CPAP. I am sharing these details with you hoping that you will join me in praying quite specifically for these things.

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