Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

We start celebrating on Christmas Eve when we get together with our Smith family members. Jack and Mommy continued the tradition of wearing pajamas to the Christmas Eve party. We get together after 8 pm on Christmas Eve so Jack and Mommy want to be ready to get right into bed when we get home.This year, it was a very small gathering. There were only 4 children at the party. Don't they look great together?
Daddy refuses to wear pajamas but Jack took a picture with him anyway.
The other kids really enjoyed unwrapping all their Christmas presents. Jack lounged back on Mommy and ate a dairy free chocolate chip cookie while Mommy unwrapped his presents for him.
McCahill did a great job handing out the presents to all the little kids this year. Of course, he got a few things, too!
Two little princesses!!!
On Christmas morning, Jack took a little bit of time going over each item.
He really seemed to like the ball pit/bouncer.
He loved spinning the wheels on his new skuut walking bike.
We got him to stand up and bounce a little bit in the ball pit/bouncer castle.
Christmas afternoon found us celebrating over at Nana's. All children and adults 16 and older play Dirty Santa. Here is everybody with their loot after the game.
The younger folks hung out and watched a movie while their elders played "Dirty Santa."
What?!!? Nana's house is really warm anyway and it really heats up with so many people in it!
Back home after the party, we spent a little more time in the ball pit/bouncer castle

and took one last ride on the bike. Jack will have to grow a couple more inches before he is really able to ride but he enjoyed having us push him.
We hope all of you had a Merry Christmas, too!

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