Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gingerbread House

Our sweet across the street neighbor planned a gingerbread house-making party for alot of little kids. Unfortunately, Jack had to miss the first party because he had a fever. Sweet Lori planned a second party but then we got our "NO KIDS for 3 weeks" order from the ENT. Lori was kind enough to start off Jack's house and she gave us all the supplies to decorate the house. [Super Sweet Lori even made modifications to the Gingerbread house and decorations to make it dairy free.] I had this image of Jack cheerfully dunking froot loops in icing and letting me help him put them on the house.

Before we started our project, I made sure that Jack had had a snack. Apparently, his snack was not big enough. So Jack ate some dried fruit and Teddy Grahams and sort of watched me while I decorated the house.
The Teddy Grahams became part of the house, too. We decided it would be a Teddy Graham House.
Oh, Mommy, what a pretty house you decorated. Let me just touch it right here.
Oh no! What happened to the Teddy and now there appear to be some Froot Loops missing. What could have happened? Uh, what icing on my mouth?


Vanessa said...

I love the Froot Loop idea -we've never tried that. I will remember for next year.

Love the photos of Jack eating the entire house!

I did my own house this year and the kids did their own. In the end, theirs actually came out better.

Marie said...

Thanks Vanessa. Too funny that the kids house turned out better. You probably tried too hard to get yours just right. :)