Tuesday, June 17, 2008

King of the Playground!

I am seriously behind on updates and pictures and I promise that I really will post them.....eventually. Anyway, I just had to share about Jack's latest triumphs. We have been taking Jack to our local parks since we moved to our small town. He has always loved being near other kids but other than swinging and kind of walking up and down the ramps a bit he did not really play on the equipment. Not so anymore! Big boy Jack is now climbing the climbing walls. We just help him to get his feet onto the little ledge but he pulls up with his hands and uses his legs to help push up. He is independently walking up and down the stairs holding onto the rails. He independently slides down all but the steepest slides. He climbs the bars with assitance for where to put his hands and feet. I think he could be more independent there but we are a bit cautious. He is also becoming a lot more social saying, "Hey" and waving at people. We were very proud to see how quickly he learned to follow !
d "rules" such as no climbing back up the slide.
He is so ready to start "big school". At his summer "school" (therapy program), they are getting the kids used to having group rather than one on one instruction. I was very concerned about how he would do with transitioning from one activity to another. Now I have no idea what I was so worried about! Jack is doing much better with tolerating seated table activities. He still does not LOVE painting and coloring but he will participate long enough to finish the short tasks they are given. He is actually playing with play-doh for short periods. David has started implementing a short "table time" in the afternoons to help Jack increase his ability to stay on task and it's going well.
Oh yeah, talking! I have just taken to randomly asking Jack if he can say certain words and you would be amazed how many things he can say. He is using a little speech to communicate such as "people" for his Little People movie. He still signs quite a bit and has learned a few new ones. It is so adorable to see Jack do the hand motions that go with songs like Wheels on the Bus. It's funny because he'll hear the name of the song and start doing the motions before you start singing so he's a little bit ahead of the song.
Breathing--that's important! With the reflux seemingly under control and careful monitoring to avoid allergen exposure, Jack's congestion has decreased dramatically. We've been able to leave some Puffs Plus at the store for other consumers. More importantly, we've reduced his Bipap pressures and he seems to rest well most nights.
Teeth. He's teething again. Some of the teeth come in and we are surprised to see them. Others, like the ones he is currently getting cause the drooling and the pain.
I'm sure I've left some stuff out....but don't worry, there will be more posts.
Join us in celebrating Jack's continued development.
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