Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yep, He's Three!!!

Persistence...that's how I am going to choose to see this. Jack is very persistent and is trying to order his world the way he would like it to be! At three, he wants activities, food, drink when he wants them and not a minute before or after. At three, he does not want to nap and thinks that sleep itself is just a waste of his time. At three, he wants to live outside outside outside outside!!! Whew! Is it possible that he truly is communicating MORE? Yep, it is. And he is communicating that he wants things a certain way. He's kind of like his Mommy! Pray for us as we try to teach him that the world really does not revolve around him! :)
This is a difficult phase right now but now that I think about it I'm really glad to be here!!!

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Anonymous said...

My son is just about to turn 4 so I feel your pain. Everyone always talks about the "terrible twos", but I think 3 was much worse. I guess 3 is the new 2!