Monday, February 8, 2010

Not All "Art Projects" Work Out


So our post this week, isn't your usual kind of craft but hey it's crafty! *Sorry for the blurriness of the photos. My camera phone is having issues or my hand is wobbly--not sure which.

We had a special event to attend yesterday evening so I decided to "sculpt" Jack's hair with mousse and hair spray.
He knew he looked good.

That evening when it was bath time, I discovered something.

Short hair with hair product goes nuts when it gets wet! We decided to have a little fun with all that messy hair product hair. We had it sticking up in various places then I had a brilliant idea!

A Faux Hawk!
Or not....
Well, we tried...maybe more hair product next time?

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mommytoalot said...

Awww that is so cute. He sure did look good !
Love that idea. My kids love to play in the tub with the bath foam...

The Blonde Duck said...

I can't do hair either! It's hard!

j said...

He is rocking the faux hawk!

My son like to gel his hair too - sounds like our boys like to be stylin' :)

Mary said...

Hee - I especially love the "looking good" photo. Apparently this sort of thing is very trendy. Maybe next time you can try something with a little colour? Coloured bubble bath (

Marie said...

Thanks, everybody.
Mommytoalot-ohhh...a sensory idea! We have bath foam too. He generally doesn't like to touch it but I could see what he did if I put it on his head.
TBD-I can't do hair either. That's why mine is long and straight and I like to keep the guys short. Jack's hair is actually longer than it's ever been but Dave says they will go get that fixed tomorrow. :)
Jennifer-glad you liked our attempt. Hair gel is another sensory idea I could try! And if it actually kept his hair in place, that would be awesome. We need to come south for a visit. We could all the hit beach and Jack could get musical tips from the girls and hair tips from the boy!
Mary-I'll have to check that site out. We are concentrating on learning colors right now--not sure if Jack can distinguish colors. I'm all about fun learning!

Rachel said...

Cute!! Hair is so much fun to play with! He looks awesome.

sheila said...

Looks like Rico Suave-a lol. How cute!

Mammatalk said...

Love the 'do. And, it looks like you two had some fun.

Marie said...

Sheila--Rico Suave-a?!!? That is too funny!!!!
Rachel--it is fun. Who knew? Well I guess all of you with girls. :)
Mammatalk--I cannot lie--it was mostly fun for me but hey he's a good sport. :)

Momisodes said...

Aww, I love the faux hawk. I'm terrible about doing hair. My daughter has beautiful straight hair, and I can never get it to look right.

Childlife said...

Hair gel sculpting -- I love it LOL! :D Looks like Jack was having a grand time too :) I think you two win the MMM creativity award for your post this week!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

Marie said...

Thanks, Michelle. And here I was thinking I hope we don't get in trouble for bending the rules a bit. I'm going with your thought. We're creative!!!