Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where is All Access Pass to Jack?


Sorry I've been scarce around these parts. We have had some very busy days in our household. I hope to get back to more regular posting soon but I wanted to reassure all of you that Jack is not sick or having surgery or anything. He is busy growing and being a little boy and amazing us with how mature he is becoming.

Haircuts have always been a big chore for Jack. Back when he is around one and a half, David and I decided that haircuts were a Jack and Daddy activity. Jack would flail his extremities and his head so that he looked like he was caught up in a tornado while getting his hair cut.

David has been taking Jack to Ms. Barbara, the barber, since that time. Ms. Barbara has always been patient and understanding. In fact, she and her cohorts at the barber shop kept telling us that they have seen much worse.

Then there was yesterday. Jack walked into the barber shop without fuss. He walked up to Ms. Barbara and said "Hey!" After she said, "Hey Jack", he said "Sit in the chair." Ms. Barbara set up the chair for Jack to sit alone and to everyone's amazement, Jack climbed up, sat down and sat still for his haircut. Ms. Barbara said, "Who is this? Where did Jack go?"


Alison said...

Glad to hear all is well with you guys.

Great news on the haircut improvement - Ashlea still does the tornado thing. Sounds like Jack is really growing up!

Sue said...

Jeremy screamed before the barber even touched him. He had fractured his ankle and the cast was cut off using a small electric saw. When the barber turned on a small vacuum to clean the hair off his customer's neck, Jeremy started screaming and would not stop. He thought it was the little saw again...the barber suggested that we come back later and promised to not use the vacuum when we were in the shop. It worked...we cut off all his beautiful curls...

j said...

I'm SO glad all is well with Jack!

I hate to say it Mom but he is growing up and acting like a little man. It is one part wonderful (much easier to get his hair cut) and one part sad (where did your baby go?!!) - I know the feeling.

Have a wonderful Easter Marie!

Rachel said...

That's great!!!

I've missed you in the bloggy world!!

mommytoalot said...

Wow, that's great Jack!

We have a few good hairdressers that do Joey's hair.

Welcome back..missed ya

sheila said...

Sometimes I get upset at the beauty parlor too, lol. Mostly at the bill. Glad it's going better for you! (or, I should say, Jack)

Matt5verse6 said...

How precious! I love it when our kiddos surprise us with stuff like this! ...I think of it as sweet hugs from the Lord. :) Glad you guys are doing well. :) And I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!!!

Kindest regards,