Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helping Jack to Communicate More

Here is a video of Jack and I "talking" while he is in the tub. This "conversation" continued for much longer but I only had a 512MB memory stick in my digital camera. In this particular conversation there really is not much exchange of information and some people might not consider this a conversation at all. Basically, I am just repeating what Jack says and sometimes adding on to his ideas a little and singing when he asks me to. BUT there are a couple of very important things going on here. #1 I am learning to understand Jack more and he begins to speak more clearly. As I repeat him, he refines his speech and has more clarity. When I don't understand him, he either repeats himself until I get it or tells me in some other way. Some things I just don't understand but that's okay too. #2 Jack is learning that staying "in conversation" with someone is fun and entertaining. #3 Jack is getting the oppurtunity to practice taking turns in conversation.


Alison said...

Wow - bath time looks fun at your house!

The beginnings of communication are so exciting. I love it when Ashlea tells me something new, something I didn't realise she knew about.

PS The switch game we were playing in my post the other day was Switch It Farm Extra ( I think it would be too basic for Jack, although as a switch - trainer it is good. Visually it is very good too - big clear pictures.

sheila said...

That is very interesting Marie!

Unknown said...

LOVE it! I love seeing parents use Dr. Jim's philosophies and putting them into everyday practice. As an SLP, this makes my heart go flippity-flop!