Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picnic Table Review--FINALLY!

Anybody remember this post way back at the beginning of June? I promised you a review of a picnic table--this table
from CSN Stores, the people that carry everything from toys and games to mailboxes to sofas.

The table arrived not too long after my teaser post about the review but somehow I got "too busy" and it sat in it's neat little box in the garage until the beginning of July.

Once I opened the box, I was very pleased to find that everything needed for assembly was right in the box! Also, instead of having all the screws in a plastic bag leaving you to sort the 7/8 inch screws from the 1 inch screws, the kind folks at CSN stores have the screws all sorted and labeled for you. I wish I had taken a picture of the holder they came in. I think I was too excited about putting the table together!

Here it is fully assembled and placed out on my back deck....

Elise was staying with us at the time so it was a table for two for its first use.

It's just the right size for two small diners. At first, Jack wasn't too sure about sitting at the table
so we pulled up another chair and he sat at the side of the table.

Then Elise complained about too much sun.....

and I remembered we still had our beach umbrella. It fit perfectly in the holes provided. After putting up the umbrella, Jack happily sat at the table. He must have just been trying to stay out of the sun too.

The kids loved the table for outdoor dining and I loved feeling like I had a little cafe right outside my back door.

My only caveat for other buyers is that you must have somewhere to keep your little table indoors. It is labeled only for occasional outdoor use. It is really light and easy to move but it can't be left outside. Thank you CSN stores* for sending us this great little table. We are thoroughly enjoying it!

*CSN stores provided the table to me for this review. However the opinions expressed and the adorable children photographed are mine (well mine in Jack's case and part-mine for Elise since she's my granddaughter, LOL!).