Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things that Break Your Heart...

When he woke up this morning, Jack said, "Wake up, Lise." [He tends to drop the first E.] This has been his habit since she's been staying with us. He loved waking her up in the morning. We reminded him that she'd left the night before.

Then when it was time to head out for school, he asked for her again. We reminded him again that she went home and would not be going to school with him.

When we came home from school, he asked for her again. We reminded him again that she went home.

He seemed fine. Ms. Sunny reported that he had a great day at school. He had lots of fun playing with us when he came home. He seemed quite joyful.

But then...bedtime came and he asked for "Lise". We reminded him again that she had gone home.

I thought he was fine until he got into bed and his little mouth just contorted into a frown and you could tell he was fighting it but the tears just poured. I asked if he had an "owie". "No owie," he said. "What's the matter?" "Lise. Lise!" "Do you miss Elise?" "(Sniff sniff) uh, yes"

So we called Patrick and Elise said, "Hi Uncle Jack!" Jack did not say a word but a little smile crept up and after we hung up we did our bedtime prayer and stories and he went to sleep after one more little "Lise. Lise!"


Maria - Ira's mum said...

Oh - breaks my heart too- so gentle, sweet dreams little Jack xx

Alison said...

How lovely.

sheila said...

Awwww, poor guy. It's so hard saying goodbye at that age. Well, with good friends and close family, any age.

mommytoalot said...

Awwwww such a strong bond...you'll have to get together more often..how long was she with you all?

Mary @ Parenthood said...

So sweet. Nice to have had the time together I bet!