Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Wish on the Way

Remember my Christmas wish of having a socially engaged little boy? This morning, David and I sat down to eat our breakfasts. Jack was busily playing and usually likes to play awhile before eating so I did not say anything to him.

He looked up from his playing and saw the two of us sitting at the table eating our breakfast. He came over to the table, pulled over a step stool so he could sit at the table with us and said, "Bwekfast. Sit down. Eat bwekfast."


sheila said...

That is wonderful, wonderful news Marie!!!!!!!!!! One more milestone, what a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...


Good for you for letting him initiate this! So many times we (parents) forget to allow this type of initiative. Barbara

Rachel said...

That's so awesome! Isn't it great when God gives us a visual answer to our prayers?? So encouraging!

mommytoalot said...


Staying Afloat said...


So many smiles. Congrats- may it only be the beginning.