Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rough Patch

We've hit a rough patch here at the All Access Pass to Jack household....this adorably handsome young man is very strong willed. That strong will has kept him going through so much in his 5 years of life thus far. On the other hand, because he is only 5, he does not yet understand the many reasons that a person might be required to do something that he does not want to do right at that moment or that whatever he wishes cannot be granted at the moment of wishing.

For instance, why can't he go outside as soon as it occurs to him he'd like to go? What on earth can I mean saying things like we need to get dressed or we have other things to do right now?

And how, oh how, can I expect him to stop playing to brush his teeth? Surely, I'm not serious!


Melissa aka Equidae said...

lol that is so sweet though VERY frustrating :)

sheila said...

Wow, could you imagine how fun the world be if it were run by children? I get all goose-bumpy just thinking of it! :o)

sheila said...

I mean REAL children...not the 'children' that run our gov't now, LOL. I know, I'm hysterical, lol

Krista said...

LOL Jack is great. I totally know what ya mean! We do that times 4 around here:) Gotta love them!