Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Behind on Blogging

I am very very behind on blogging and I just accidentally deleted several paragraphs. So what's new?

We are sleeping!!! Jack is breathing much better during the night. We adjust the pressure settings on the Bipap throughout the night and Jack's saturation levels are staying up. David has somehow turned into a lighter sleeper and when Jack wakes up, he wraps one arm around him to keep him from pulling the mask off, he pulls him in close, and he lulls Jack back to sleep. It's amazing to watch and it happens much faster than me trying in vain to keep Jack from pulling the mask off, then getting Jack calmed down and back asleep, trying to put the mask on, waking Jack up in the process and starting all over again. Jack really does seem to be tolerating the mask much better these days, too. I honestly think that he is now just waking up because two year olds don't really sleep for 10 hours straight. Only most two year olds don't wake up with a tight mask on their face and high pressure coming at them. I'd wake up upset too if I was Jack! Thanks so much for all your prayers for sleep and good breathing. It's time to praise and thank God for the work he is doing!!!

Jack had his two year birthday party Sunday, June 3. It was a great party at a local park. We had lots of friends and family. Jack, like any other two year old, really did not "get it" but he enjoyed being able to walk around the park. He got a little scared when we all sang Happy Birthday. I think he thought we were all yelling at him but we got him calmed down and happy again. He got lots and lots and lots of presents. Thanks everybody. You guys are very generous.

We are heading back to Dallas the last week of June. We will be out there a week for pre-op appointments, surgery on the 28th and one follow up appointment on the 29th.

Ready for some pics? I'm behind so here's a bunch!

Jack has taken over my computer so he can play "Boowa and Kwala".

I have been reduced to squishing myself up in a corner.
Here's Jack at his birthday party trying to enjoy some birthday cake and be on the run at the same time. The next few pictures shows the typical scenario: Mom or Dad opens gifts, baby plays with few gifts, gets tired, wants to go play, and Mom/Dad finish opening gifts...

Here's a crowd shot where you can see a few faces. There was a much bigger crowd than this shot captures. All the kids got water guns, whistles, sunglasses, and bubbles to play with at the party and then take home with them. You know we must have been popular that evening at the homes of the children who had been filled with soda, hot dogs, cake, and popsicles and then sent home with noisemakers and water guns!
Here's my very sweet little brother who watched over Jack and kept him safe while he walked and walked and walked. I actually had a few adult conversations at the party. It was nice!
Somebody said and everybody agreed that it looked like Jack could get a summer job mowing the grass at the park. :) Well that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this update!

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