Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What's been going on with Jack? Where are the updates? I am behind on just about everything. The continual sleep deprivation is having its effect. Since the last update, we have had some serious disagreements with Dr. Lazano who had changed from saying that Jack might need a trach to insisting that the ONLY option was to trach Jack. We had another sleep study and were given yet another machine with even higher pressures. They now want us to use a Bipap Synchrony because if these new pressures don't work out, it can do pressure control ventilation. In the meantime, Jack managed to breathe without support of any kind Sunday night. He only dropped his saturation level a few times but only as low as 70 and he bounced right back up. Last night he spent most of the night without the machine because he simply did not tolerate the excessive pressure. Again, he did pretty well off the machine. So it appears that Jack is making progress. The problem is that its not 100% consistent and!
I still don't get to sleep. Pray for us.
Oh yeah, the big boy is now 2 (since Sunday). I think he is enjoying being two. We will have a party next weekend. I hope to post pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cant wait till the party. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY. We hope by time for the party we get some really really good news about your sleeping. We all have been praying for you and will be praying for long good nights of sleep for all. Marie, thank you for all your hard work on this blog after all you act as if you don't have a full time job ( taking care of all us babies ) and then going home to work again and staying up all night with everyones #1 and then to start all over again at day break. You are an awesome person to do all you do. We are very proud of you as I am sure everyone who knows are.