Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Tradition?


Anybody remember last year's ignoring of the Easter basket? Well this year, Jack actually met the Easter Bunny! Mr. E. Bunny himself went to Jack's school and shook Jack's hand. Ms. Sunny reported that Jack thought the Easter Bunny was one funny guy.

We were thrilled! Since Jack enjoyed meeting Mr. Bunny, we thought it would be a little more concrete for him this year. I talked to Jack about how the Easter Bunny was going to bring him a basket with some surprises. And with a few ideas from some friends, there were great items in the basket. They were sure to please. I just *knew* that this year was going to be different.

To help build the anticipation, I really hyped up the Easter Bunny and the basket on Saturday. Then Saturday evening, I got Jack to help me decorate a very tactile high contrast Easter egg.

It's a foam "egg" on black construction paper. Jack added the bright foam shapes stickers.

I told Jack that we were decorating the egg and leaving it in the basket to let the Easter Bunny know that we celebrate Easter and he was welcome to stop by our house. I even got Jack to help me put the basket in place. My plan was going great!

Sunday morning we woke up to find the egg moved to the art wall and the basket filled.

Dancing, singing, light up rabbit, Spinner rabbit, water balloons, bubble spinner, spinning tops, chocolate Easter bunny, miscellaneous candy, cheese puffs, and popcorn.
And here is a transcript of our conversation:

Marie: Let's see what the Easter Bunny brought you!

Jack: Take a bath!

M: You want to take a bath now?

J: Yes. Irish!

M: Okay, let's go find Irish.

J: Searching. Irish.

M: Searching. (Spots Irish). In the bag.

J: (vision not so good this AM--fluctuates due to cortical visual impairment) Irish?

M: In the bag.

J: Irish?

M: (thumps Irish to make noise) Here's Irish!

J: Irish! (Grabs Irish)

M: (squeezes singing, dancing, light up bunny's hand hoping to generate Easter basket interest) Look!

J: Turn it off.

M: Turn it off?

J: Yes.

M: (turns bunny off)

J: Take a bath (heads to bathroom)

*sigh* Jack was not this conversational last year. He speaks so much more and so much more clearly this year. We have much to be grateful for. But I have to be honest....I really really really wanted him to get excited about that basket this year!

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Jeannie said...

Very tactile high contrast Easter egg indeed. Love it!

jennifer said...

Aw. Well, maybe sit the basket where he will see it for a few days. You never know, he might get interested and look through it another day.

And a little boy wanting to take a bath is a good thing, right?

Rachel said...

So sorry!!! Maybe he'll be interested in it later in the week.

Anonymous said...

I love your basket!! Everything is so BIG and appealing. Sorry to say my eight kids got all their Easter surprizes consolidated into two baskets:( (Tim & I realized, when it was too late, past midnight, that there were only two baskets in the bag he brought down from the attic) and I gave Kevin's large Chocolate bunny to our priest! Poor deprived child. Not really- his sibling are very good at sharing, think he got more than enough chocolate!!
You are such a good mom, Marie! Wish i had half your energy and enthusiasm. Jack is indeed a very blessed child. Love and prayers, Julie

mommytoalot said...

You are so creative. Love the egg.
Jack is so sweet.
hope you had a lovely Easter

Melissa aka Equidae said...

very boy doesnt look at choc lol let alone an easter worries he'll get round one day its us who suffer for wanting it to be special

Mary said...

Beautiful Easter egg! Has he shown any interest in the things from his basket since?

Childllife said...

Jack's Easter Egg turned out beautifully! And I loved the transcript -- Jack certainly knows what he wants -- LOL!

I've got a couple of opinionated ones at my house too, their plans never seem to align with mine. I tried to talk with my youngest about hunting Easter eggs and just got a bunch of Charlie Brown quotes about the Easter Beagle :P

Great Easter egg, Jack! :)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

sheila said...

lol, I can remember my kids at that age. I was so anticipating their waking up on Christmas or Easter or...while at their big birthday party...they'd be all Never turns out like it does in our heads does it?