Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bad Blogger

Ok so I realized today (with a little help from my daughter-in-law) that I have been remiss in my duties as a blogging mom and grandmom. I completely neglected to include pictures of Jack's playdate with his niece, my beautiful granddaughter, Elise. To be fair, if you look back there was nothing blogged between April 28 and May 7 so I must have been busy doing something...oh I don't know...taking care of Jack...working....doing all the mundane daily tasks associated with keeping a home, who knows but I think I was busy.

For those of you who do not already know who Elise is, she is the daughter of my stepson Patrick and his wife Holly. She was born on Thanksgiving Day 2004. We were all very thankful for her arrival.

Anyway, she and Patrick came by and David, Patrick, Elise, and Jack hung out by the pool while Honey/Marie/Nana/Mommy (that's me) worked. Do you know how distracting it is to have two absolutely adorable munchkins right outside your door while you are trying to get some work done? David got these great pictures:

First up, here's Elise saying, "Quit being a cranky pants, Uncle Jack! Come get in the pool."
[We were trying to get Jack to stay up later before his nap each day. It was an arduous process and we finally decided that it was just better to get him to sleep longer when he does nap and whaddya know--he started getting sleepy later once we gave up trying to force it.]

Here's Elise contenplating taking on the giraffe as Jack handles the snake (yes, we are from Alabama but no snake handling is not part of our worship).

Sadly, it was time for Elise and Patrick to leave. Elise and Jack embraced...
You should have seen the huge smile on Jack's face after Elise gave him this big ol' hug. He loves his niece!

Here's a photo of the Daddy and his two tiny tots...
Okay so one of them appears to be much taller than Dad in this photo. I don't think Patrick is that much taller than David. I'm really not sure that he is taller than David at all but this photo makes Patrick look like a giant!

Our little town has this festival that they do every spring to raise money for the Kiwanis. It's really grown into a pretty big event. I have been planning to take Jack ever since we moved here last October. We almost did not go because I had really imagined that he would be more independently mobile by this time. I was not sure how much he would enjoy it. I decided to take the plunge and off we went. We enjoyed listening to the music and dancing together [so it was more of a hold me and bounce me, Mommy, who cares I call it dancing]. I took the camera and thought I'd get a few shots of Jack doing some cute stuff. This is the only picture that I was able to take... I am going to hire a photographer to follow us around and get some good pictures.
Hope y'all enjoyed the catch up on the blog.
Nighty night!

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