Monday, May 7, 2007

Antibiotics vs. Sinus and Ear Infection Round 3

So I am a bit behind on the blog. Jack has still not completely recovered from that sinus and ear infection that he developed about two weeks ago. Turns out that we should not have kept putting the Bipap on him when he has a known infection. If only someone had told me that two weeks ago, we might not be on round 3 of antibiotics. He has never been so pitiful when sick. He has been sicker than this before but never this pitiful. I think he is old enough now that he is able to think about the things he would like to be doing but he is also able to realize that he does not feel well enough to do them. His throat must be pretty sore. He squeaks when he cries. It's terrible. I am very glad that Jack knows that Mommy is there for him. It's really touching the way he just reaches out to me and just wants me to be nearby. I am going to be real here and say that it also gets frustrating because it's hard for me to get much done that way but what's more important than heaping love on my little guy anyway? So tonight he is sleeping upright in his car seat with 2 liters of oxygen by nasal cannula. So far (he's been asleep less than an hour) he has not had any obstructive or central apnea. We'll just see how the next few days go.

In other news, we had a pretty good weekend especially when you stop to consider how bad Jack must have felt and I did not know it. Looking back, he did complain of a headache alot this weekend. Anyway, on Saturday, Jack and I did our first solo road trip. We traveled about 2.5 hours away (took us a little over 3 hours actually) to get together with some other children and adults with Apert syndrome. Jack did so great on the ride down and believe it or not did not sleep. He just watched his Signing Time video and a Baby Galileo video and snacked and just kind of hung out. So about the time we arrived at our gathering Jack was way ready for a nap. He was very clingy after he woke up but we were still able to enjoy ourselves and chatted briefly with just about everyone at the get-together (if we missed talking to you, I'm sorry but you saw that I was busy keeping up with busy Baby Jack). On Sunday, we missed church because Jack took a great 2 hour long nap! He did wake up in plenty of time for us to go to Springfest at my in-laws church so that was good. It was hot and Jack again complained of headache and was very clingy (YES, I am clueless sometimes) but we still were able to have fun. Jack and I got in one of the bouncy things together and he just loved it. I should buy one of those things because boy was it a workout. It was very very hot so we went inside where Jack got to walk around a bit and we hung out with his Grandma, my wonderful Mom-in-law. I was so glad that we went to hang out with Grandma. When Jack gets clingy he likes to nurse ALOT and I was a little nervous about nursing in public at their church. Jack was squirming around in my lap and she looked over at me and says you nurse that baby right here and now if that's what he needs. She continued Nobody will know what they're looking at and if they do and they don't like it well too bad! Yay for the support from Grandma!!!

Well, Jack is no longer sleeping upright in the carseat. He woke up and he wasn't going back in the seat. Hope he sleeps well the rest of the night in the bed. I better go and get some sleep.

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