Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Specific Prayer Requests

Jack’s pulmonologist here at home, Dr. Lozano, just called. First, let me say that I truly believe that he cares about Jack and has his best interests at heart. We are not scheduled to follow up with him again until August but he’s been worried about Jack so he has called a few times to see how Jack is doing. Jack is not currently using the Bipap only because he is super congested and is unable to tolerate it. Once we get this cleared up, we are going to put it on again. Dr. Lozano is concerned because even with the Bipap, Jack drops his saturation level to as low as 13 usually at least once a night and sometimes 5-7 times a night. He is concerned that Jack will suffer heart damage from the low saturation. Now, Jack does not drop and stay down. In fact, he will drop down as low as 13 but he will move right back up to 97-100%. Sometimes he will stay at 97-100% and sometimes he will begin dropping again immediately. For now, Dr. Lozano is talking about frequent sleep studies to try to optimize the settings on his Bipap and to monitor him. He has mentioned several times now that we may need to consider a trach. We will get copies of the sleep studies and get Dr. Mandujano’s (our TX pulmonologist) opinion when we go back to Dallas at the end of June.
We need everyone to pray very specifically that Jack not drop his oxygen saturations while sleeping at night. If he does continue to drop, David and I need wisdom in making a decision regarding a tracheostomy. Pray that our ears will be open to hear what is best for Jack. Pray that God will give Jack's doctors wisdom in coming up with a plan to best care for Jack. I know that God has a plan for Jack. I don't know what it is and I don't know all the steps along the way. He has taken us down roads that I have not wished to travel but I know that it is ultimately for our good. Please pray that God will continue to provide the strength for this journey.

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