Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Been There, Done That, This Time We Bought T-shirts

We're home from Texas. Jack had a MRI Monday morning. Fortunately, the MRI showed that the ventriculostomy which was done last month is still open. The neuroradiologist said the ventricle size remains unchanged. Jack's neurosurgeon, Dr. Price, thought that the third ventricle looked a bit smaller to her. She measured Jack's head that morning at 58 cm which is a 1/2 cm less than the measurement we had gotten at home. That afternoon, we saw Dr. Fearon and he measured Jack's head at 57 1/2 cm. They both used good measuring technique just as we did when we measured and we all measured the same area. It makes me wonder if Jack's head possibly fluctuates in size a bit throughout the day. After all, there are times of the day that his soft spots are softer than others. Both Drs. Price and Fearon recommended that we do nothing at all right now. Dr. Fearon told us to tell all Jack's other doctors that he does not want Jack sedated or having any other extensive testing unless absolutely medically necessary for at least the next four months. He wants Jack to have some doctor-free time. Dr. Price wants us to get another MRI in 6 months but we can get that one done here at home unless we have other concerns that need her or Dr. Fearon's attention. Jack still needs the surgery to close the eyelid over his right eye a bit but Dr. Fearon advised us to wait since Jack's eye is not protruding nearly as much as it previously had been. We can also have that done locally if we and the anesthesiologists at our local Children's Hospital can become comfortable with one another.
We arrived at the airport very early this afternoon so we could each buy a souvenir t-shirt. We don't want Dallas feeling the need to call us back so we made sure that Dallas knew that we had something to remember it by.
Thank you all again for all the prayers and well wishes. They really mean alot to us.

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