Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jack and the three Cousins and Dinnertime with the Smiths

Sunday afternoon some of Jack's cousins came by and we went to the pool. It's hard to take pictures with four brave munchkins jumping in and out of the pool and swimming around. We managed to get a few shots, though.

First up, we have the four amigos...Jeanie, Anja, Jack*, and McCahill.

Here are Anja, Jeanie, and Jack* swimming over to the side to get ready for the group shot.

This is one of the many times that "Fearless Jeanie" jumped into the pool by herself.

Anja took swimming lessons earlier this year so she was not afraid of the water either.

Swimming is good exercise. Jack decided to take a breather with a drink and a snack poolside.

Mealtimes are often "mini-therapy" sessions at the Smith household. We've been working on self-feeding tasks. Jack is very good at taking bites out of crispy things like crackers and rice cakes. Tonight, David decided to try to help Jack get over his texture aversion by spreading a thin layer of spaghetti on his club crackers. What a smart Daddy! It worked. Jack did not try to wipe the spaghetti off his hands like he is wont to do and he took nice little bites of spaghetti and cracker.

*Jack is actually not swimming unassisted in these photos. I just edited myself out of the pictures for a better picture.

Jack and I have both managed to get a summer cold. It's really running me down but Jack seems to be affected only at night when he sleeps. Thank God for medication, suction bulbs, and Bipap machines. Keep those prayers coming. We always need them!

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