Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great Company

If you need to buy anything at all for a little one, please check out We have bought many of their products which we have found to be of very good quality. AND they have fantastic customer service. For instance, I just called them and asked about buying a part for Jack's travel tray that we broke by mishandling. Did you catch me saying we broke it? I told the customer service people at One Step Ahead that we broke it and that I wanted to see if I could order the part that broke so we could use our table again because we love it so much. We bought this thing several months ago and we broke it by mishandling it so I had no expectation of any type of warranty and would have even been okay with it if they had told me that I would just have to buy a whole new one. Instead, they looked up my order in the computer and they are shipping a brand new travel tray and footrest out to us this afternoon completely free of charge. Isn't that great? Please check out th!
eir website and consider buying some of their products. Great companies like this need to be supported.

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