Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Need of a Village with Great but not Hyperactive Immune Systems

Don't get me wrong. I love our village and all the great people in it. Here's my conundrum who exactly do you ask to get sick? Jack and I have been sick all weekend. Thursday afternoon I went to the doctor for some peculiar muscle aches and increasing fatigue. Fortunately, Dr. Aizenman said that he thought it was just a virus and more symptoms would soon present themselves to help us figure just which virus. Whew! I was concerned about some type of auto-immune disorder and so was his nurse. I would much rather have a virus. Then....Friday morning Jack woke up with lots of drainage. We thought maybe it was just his response to the dry heat of the heater coming on or maybe teething. It's so hard to tell with Jack since he is prone to nasal drainage when anyone else would just have sinus drainage down the back of their throats. By Friday late afternoon, it was obvious that this was not to be shrugged off. Saturday morning, he woke to even MORE drainage, fever, and coughing. Extremely fatigued Mommy and sick baby is not a good combination. I knew it would be a hard day and so I tried to think of who I could call for help. Let's see--Grandma or Nana--are you kidding me? who wants to be the one that got Grandma or Nana sick? Uncles and Aunts--they all have kids too and their kids also have the sniffles so who wants to have all the kids infecting one another? Friends--they either have children or how do you call someone up and say, "I know that you've had a long work week but do you think you could come hang out at our house to hlep us out and possibly get sick too?" Ugh. Well at 330 this morning when I'd gotten virtually no sleep because Jack was having difficulty breathing with all his drainage, I woke up David and begged him to take off work. How do other people do this? I really would love to get some comments on this post.
Who else could look this cute while not feeling good?


Graced said...

Just ask. Most people would be willing to risk it. Just provide a lot of anti-bacterial hand cleaner and lysol!

Anonymous said...

Jack is INCREDIBLY cute :D

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